Case: Listening at Different Levels

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Conflict management

Assignment #3

Case:Listening At Different Levels

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Diego, Liu

Joel, Gu

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Tom, Chan


Scenario #2:

1. What messages is the individual saying through his or her words and actions ?

Through Tamiko words, the individual is saying about relationship . She said:" Anton probably didn’t mean anything by it. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.” According this words, we can know about Tamiko wants to argue about this comments, but she is thinking about the relationship, it is more important to her. However, she wants to know how she can do.

2. What might Joe do or say to show that he is hearing content?

The key point is that Joe should gives the feedback to Tamiko. let her fell he understand this thing. So, Joe must listening carefully, and paraphrase the important content that Tamiko wants to explain to him. At the same time, he also should told her how she can do.

3. What might Joe do or say to show that he is hearing feelings?

When Tamiko done talking, because of Tamiko tries to share her thought and mind, and does not want to break relationship with each other. Joe should feel her is a very careful worker. Joe should ask Tamiko that she feel the comment is correct or not. Therefor , Joe can know the real feeling of Tamilko.

What more can joe do to encourage the other party to share more so that he can truly understand what the party is truly thinking and feeling?

Of course, Joe should encourage Tamiko to talk more about the comment and know the content of the comment. Then, he will talk with Anton, and listens to his’s explanation and other evidence from their coworkers. After collecting...
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