Case Incident

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  • Published : October 20, 2012
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The duties Evelyn and Bill are handling should have been delegated to Donna. As a supervisor, Donna falls into the supervisory management category. Her responsibilities should include being in charge of employees who physically produce the goods and making sure day-to-day operations run smoothly. As a manager, she should be involved in such basic management activities as planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. However, for all parts of planning, organizing, staffing and leading, Donna’s involvement seemed to be minimal based on what was stated in the case incident. As a supervisor, Donna spent the most time on reading and preparing reports and communicating with other supervisors and employees. Even though controlling and communicating parts are essential as a manager, Donna as a supervisor should not be spending most of her time just those two tasks while minimally involve in the other tasks. Based the responsibilities listed above, Evelyn and Bill seemed to fit the manager role more as they plan, organize, staff and lead the department. When an employee complained, Donna referred them to Evelyn or Bill instead of handling the situation herself as she is their supervisor. It seemed as though even though the department has a total 28 employees, Donna was only supervising 2 employees (Evelyn and Bill) and the rest were supervised by Evelyn and Bill. As Evelyn and Bill are put into management roles while being asked to retain their operative employee role at the same time, they would not have enough time to fulfill both jobs. As any operative employee, producing the goods was already a full time job itself, adding more responsibilities to it would not be wise. Evelyn and Bill could be group leaders, however, they should not be assuming most, if not all, of the management tasks that a true supervisor should do. Being operative employees themselves, other operative employees might not accept them as the leaders. Some segregation of authority should...
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