Case Incident 1, Organizational Behavior

Topics: Police, Management, Suicide Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: October 21, 2011
1.How liable companies be for violent acts that are committed during work by their own employees? They need to be aware of at-risk employees who may commit violent acts and the managers of the company should encourage their employees to report any threatening or suspicious behavior. Also depends on the policies set forth by the company ant the company’s ability to be consistent with said policies 2.Can companies completely prevent workplace violence? If not, what steps can they take to reduce it? No. The steps that they can do to reduce the workplace violence, first, Establish a crisis management team, second, Understand the problem, third, Publicize your anti-violence program, forth, Prevention is the key, finally, Responding to emergency incidents, and if that happened: Contact local law enforcement and follow their instructions, Notify your private security force, if you have one, Get people away from the scene as quickly as possible, Secure the area if possible to preserve the crime scene for later investigation, Most importantly, STAY CALM. 3.Why do you think only one percent (1%) of companies have a formal antiviolence policy? Companies feel it rare that workplace violence could happen to them and in the presence metal detector no one can do this. Also many companies have not been faced with any serious violent acts within the workplace so the realization of this growing problem is not apparent to them. Unfortunately, a lot of times, it takes something bad to happen in order for prevention measures to be implemented.

4.Some companies are considering the installation of mental detectors to prevent workplace violence. Do you think these measures infringe too much on individual privacy? In other words, can a company take prevention too far? Yes it can but it also depends on the risk of violence and on the organization.

5.What factors might lead to violent acts in the workplace? Are these acts committed by only a few "sick" individuals or...
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