Case Incident 1 Delegate Power or Keep It Close?

Topics: Task, Delegate, Responsibility Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Case Incident 1 Delegate Power or Keep It Close?

If we consider delegation in general, it gives responsibility to co-workers, which are, then in charge of a certain project. In the case at hand where the company of Samantha Parks grew to the extent that she has to delegate certain actions to her employees. The delegation and to whom to delegate is important for the success. So to say employees with the new higher responsibility are probably more motivated and can develop themselves on the new tasks. The risk is on the other side that the person is not capable of the new assigned task and could be easily frustrated. It is important that Samantha Park herself identifies what projects are the most important ones and maybe take responsibility over them by her self. Moreover if she might be not capable of doing so, that she might assign priorities to the projects so what is urgent and needs to be done and what kind if customers are important. If Samantha Park is too much involved employees can feel that the authority as interfering with their own creative process. As a form of counteract Samantha Park can involve the subordinates in the delegation process and try to identify the level of discretion they can handle and make sure they understand the tasks. Moreover the employees should understand the importance of the task and held responsible for their tasks. Also she should overlook their development over time and get an overview whether the employees are ready for a task of high importance. The overall responsibility over the tasks has Samantha Park so she have definitely the right to control the projects assigned to her subordinates and to make sure everything is operating in the interest of her and thus the interest of the company. Being informed and participate in the projects tend to control and a closer working environment of Samantha Park and their team. Overall delegation is necessary at the case at hand, because she would not be capable to deal with all...
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