Case: How Leaders Flourish at Gunderson Lutheran Health System

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  • Published : October 29, 2011
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Case: How Leaders Flourish at Gunderson Lutheran Health System.

1. How well does Gunderson’s development program follow the career management process described in Figure 9.3? Identify any elements of that system that are missing.

I think Gunderson did a really good job on development program, because for the data gathering they focus on competencies needed for career success base on their two years research, such as specific skills in operations, finance, vision, team building and leadership. Then they use variety of measures to employee’s potential talent, they use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and also the Hogan Value Report to make sure the analysis is critical. Second step, they focus on specific success factors, strengths and improvement areas like physician executives, administrative executives and administrative leader at different level. Those give a good direction for Gunderson to select those talents. Also let employees know what position is open to them. Then goal getting is more like same as four area that give to employee but the organization’s director at different level are involved in Talent Development Review Group, such as chief learning officer, vice president of business services and chief medical officer. The developmental methods that Gunderson apply have a lot of choice for employee, such as job rotations, coaching and continuing education. The final part is action planning and follow up, I think the 360-degree reviews will give a better measure and adjust for this plan. Also the last paragraph talks about a success case that a employee become a information system director.

Some of missing I think in the second step feedback, they are not give a maintain confidentiality for the important information. Because those information is an huge assets for company, so company should maintain carefully. Also the third part goal setting, Gunderson have not detail like become sales manager within three years. It is not specify....
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