Case for Critical Analysis

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Case for critical analysis
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  Working with people may be one of the easiest things and or the hardest undertaking in any company or organization. Properly understanding people provides a humble base or foundation in managing them and well managed people are easier to understand. With this as a rule of thumbs, the goals, plans and aspirations may be achieved. This paper will analyze H.I.D. as a company that has a potential of expansion or else stagnate. Critical Analysis

  The confusion that confronts Keith Houck as the hired consultant is mainly from and by the mission statement and the attitude of H.I.D. managers. There seems to be progress spearheaded by the H.I.D. President but managers seem and indeed they are so pessimistic apart from the Human Resource Director Karen Setz. The President is very positive and has achieved a lot by meeting the goals of expansion during the five years that he ahs been in the company. The development during Bill’s time and his immense driving force are good indicators that H.I.D. is far able to formulate its strategic plans and goals. If I were Keith Houck the Consultant, I could have asked very many questions ranging from work ethics to what every individual department has achieved and further question what are the goals of each department. For H.I.D. to formulate its plans and goals it needs an overhaul of its managers except the Human Resource Director Karen Setz who has a vision with a positive mind of expansion. But before the overhaul the President should ask managers who may not feel to meet the set goals to resign. This will be easy for the president to inject new blood (delivering Managers) into the company. If I were Bill Collins the H.I.D. President I could have clearly indicated and or designated roles of each manager and set targets to be reached within a given time frame agreeable by all departmental managers. However, other factors that I could put into play...
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