Case: Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc.

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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The differences in marketing depending on the kind of country are the importance of the four tools of marketing mix. It is, in developed countries it is hard to posicionate a product and to fix correctly all the variables which will provide a feedback to the company. In the other hand, in undeveloped countries, the power of marketing is lower because of reasons as people do not bother about any of the four p’s, and also competence between products is not so hard.

The Indian market is attractive to Fairchild due to the main reason that they have traditional methods of purify water, so there, Fairchild should begin is labour starting with educate the consumer and explain all the benefits of its product. This way Fairchild will create a blue ocean where the company will play alone and will be successful.

According to the marketing decision depending on the way or market entry selected, the most profitable will be joint venture because Fairchild will get the know-how of its partner and from this point the company will start learning from the market and developing its own marketing strategy. Also contributions per unit will be bigger than in the licensee method. Also with a direct salesforce the prices charged to consumers would not change as much as in the other case, because is much better than to employ dealers.

Chatterjee should recommend not to attend to the market opportunity in India due to many factors like the lack of infrastructures which could difficult the communication and the distribution. Also, start importing some of the components to start the operation and then continue improving. And finally, Fairchild should look for a partner in India because all companies produce a line of high-quality household appliances, possessed one or more strong brand names.
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