Case: Erik Peterson

Topics: Management, The Key, Experience Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Case memo: Erik Peterson
1. What problems are facing Erik Peterson?
2. How effective has Erik Peterson been as a manager of the Hanover operations? Provide evidence to support your answer. 3. -------------------------------------------------
Is there another approach (with specific actions) to managing the Hanover operations that might be more effective? 1. What problems are facing Erik Peterson?
Erik Peterson is facing multiple problems. Main reasons for his problems are two things- the fact that he is not enough experienced for the position he has got (he didn’t even apply for this position, it was more like a coincidence that he got it) and miscommunication with and guidance from higher management. At first Erik was told that he will be reporting to a very experienced VP who will be involved in the launch process a great deal himself. As the VP left the Company, Peterson reported to a lower manager who was not experienced in this kind of launch and often was unsure about himself and therefore wouldn’t make unpopular decisions. In the cooperation between Erik and higher management there was serious lack of decision making power. Other problems Peterson was facing:

* Not enough mentoring received from higher management- both before start of work and during the launch * Tense relationship with part of his direct reports as some of them had expected to get Erik’s position, also tense relationship between the direct reports * Lack of specific industry/ project launch experience within the company- both within management and direct reports * Complex relationship with some of the key KOLs as they have started to mistrust SciMat due to management changes. At the end Peterson didn’t participate in resolving them, special team was asked to do it. Peterson didn’t have trustful and solid relationship with the team members based on historic events * Commercial manufacturing taking place in Costa Rica and manufacturing quality and...
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