Case Donner

Topics: Capacity utilization, Question, Flowchart Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Donner Company

Below you have the link to access the case Donner Company 656c4a3da66d85

OUTLINE OF REPORT 1. Description of the company and its product (a paragraph with 10 to 20 lines at most) 2. Description of the process by presenting its flowchart (do not use text to describe the process since you would only be copying the case) 3. Listing the main problems of Donner and its causes. In the process of describing the causes you should answer questions 2 to 6 below, but you do not need to make explicit the question. These questions should help you in the process of pinpointing the causes of the problems. Be explicit about the assumptions you need to make 4. A list of proposals for improving the process and overcome the problems.

SUGGESTED SOLUTION STRATEGY: 1. Read the case and take notes of main activities. 2. Draw the flowchart. 3. Answer questions 2 to 6 below. Make the assumptions that you deem necessary. 4. Analyse your results to be able to list problems, causes and possible solutions

QUESTIONS: 1. Draw a process flowchart 2. Which orders should be scheduled on the CNC drill? And, on the CNC router? 3. What is the capacity of Dry Film Photoresist area? 4. What is the standard labor time for an order of 1 border? For an order of 8 boards? For an order of 200 boards? 5. Estimate the time spent with the Inspection of the orders shipped in the last day of September. What can you conclude from that information? 6. Compute the capacity utilization of the different “operations” in September. 7. What are the main problems of Donner? What are their causes? 8. Make proposals for improving the process

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