Case Conceptualization

Topics: Family, Father, Mother Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Identifying Data Jeffrey is a 17 year old African American male. Jeffrey is heterosexual and has a semi-serious girlfriend. Jeffrey is a junior in high school at a magnet for leadership and business. Jeffrey lives at home with his mother and stepfather. His stepfather has been around for many years and Jeffrey considers him to be his dad. Jeffrey’s mother is a stay-at-home mom and his stepfather works full time. Jeffrey comes from a loving and financially stable environment. Jeffrey is always casually, but neatly dressed. He is an attractive young man of average height and weight, who wears braces. Jeffrey is very muscular due to his involvement in athletics. He is always well groomed for our sessions. Jeffrey is often quiet for long stretches of time, but talks animatedly and articulately when addressed. Jeffrey has excellent manners and is very polite, always using “ma’am” when addressing his mother and myself.

Presenting Problem Jeffrey and his mother came to counseling because of an event at school. Jeffrey had been asked to hand in an English assignment that he had completed earlier in the week. When Jeffrey looked for it, he could not find the assignment. He panicked and took another student’s paper, erased her name, and replaced it with his own. The teacher discovered this and brought it to Jeffrey and his mother’s attention. Jeffrey’s mother stated that this had been the final motivator to bring them in to counseling. She related that for about five years, she had felt a distance growing between Jeffrey and herself. She stated she was worried about Jeffrey’s ability to make good decisions in pressure situations. Both Jeffrey and his mother reported that a lack of communication was affecting their relationship. Rebuilding trust between them was a priority for both. At the end of our first session, Jeffrey clearly identified his goals, as well as prioritized them. He stated that he first wanted to work on rebuilding trust with his mother, second he...
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