Case Concepts

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Assignment 5-3
Training Trends and Issues
70 points
Due: Sep 16
Action Items
Research the current trends in training and development and the implications for the training and development practitioner. The syllabus contains a list of training and development resources that are available through the Franklin University library. Write a 3- to 5- page paper that analyzes three trends that you identified in your research. Discuss the implications that the trend has on the training and development practitioner, including such things as salaries, training methods, development programs, etc. Format the paper according to the HRM Paper Guidelines. Include a reference list that includes at least 3 to 4 professional or scholarly resources.

Assignment 5-4
Fabrics Case
40 points
Due: Sep 16


To examine whether training is the best option.

L3 Traits

Action Items
Review the Training Program (Fabrics, Inc.) case in Effective Training: In Chapter 4 on pages 141-146
In Chapter 5 on pages 203-205
In Chapter 8 on pages 316-321
In Chapter 9 on pages 354-363
Prepare a 3-paragraph response to the following questions. Each response should be 100-200 words. This case pointed out some nontraining needs. How would you deal with them? Why is this important? Were the correct people involved in this process?

What did you learn about the process of developing a training program? List at least three major learnings for you and provide some details around what you learned. Also, if you still have questions about the process posts those as well. Post your responses to the class Bulletin Board topics area, "Fabrics, Inc. Case". Read the postings by your classmates and respond to at least one posting with a thoughtful, relevant response that adds to the learning experience of the course and enhances the bulletin board discussion. Assignment 5-5

Case Analysis 5
40 points
Due: Sep 19

To assess your ability to:

describe what...
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