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Case chapter 8
Coke Zero : Do real men drink diet coke ?
Case Analysis

1. Background :
The Coca Cola Company identified that no company was satisfying young men needs. Almost 10 years ago, Coke executives set out to change the by introducing Diet Coke and Diet Coke Plus, and in 2005 they launched a brand that defied the odds: Coke Zero. The brand's U.S. sales have consistently increased as the soft drink category has shrunk. Coke Zero has proven that young men would rather "spend" their calories on fast food than soft drinks. The new product needed to taste a lot like regular Coke, and its packaging needed to evoke a subconscious masculinity. (Black -- good, white -- bad.) And its marketing needed to be a little slapstick and irreverent.

Coca-Cola Zero is a low-calorie (0.75 calories per liter) variation of Coca-Cola specifically marketed to men, who were shown to associate 'diet' drinks with women. The Coca-Cola Zero logo has generally featured the script Coca-Cola logo in red with white trim on a black background, with the word "zero" underneath in lower case in the geometric typeface Avenir (or a customized version of it). Some details have varied from country to country. The British logo, for example, originally had the "o" taking a spiral form. In the U.S., the letters decline in weight over the course of the word. All versions of Coke Zero sold in various countries are based on the same flavoring formula, and all are carbonated and caffeinated (except caffeine free). 1 liter of Coke Zero contains 100 mg caffeine. However, the exact combination of artificial sweetenersand preservatives used varies from market to market. Coke Zero was Coca-Cola's biggest product launch in 22 years (it was launched in 2005).It is primarily marketed towards young adult males and has even been nicknamed "Bloke Coke" in the UK. In the US, advertising has been tailored to its targeted market by describing the drink as "calorie-free" rather than "diet", since young adult males are said to associate diet drinks with women. U.S. marketing has also emphasized its similarity in taste to sugared Coca-Cola through a 2007 U.S. viral marketing campaign that suggested the company's executives were so angry over the drinks' similarities, they were considering suing their coworkers for "taste infringement". In Australia, the product was originally promoted by a fake front group; the campaign included outdoor graffiti and online spamming that mentioned a fake blog. Once exposed, consumer advocates assailed the campaign as misleading and established the Zero Coke Movement to comment on the ethics of Coke's activities. Before launching the product, the research made showed that the name “Coke Zero” was likely to be a better way to sell a low calorie beverage, without including the word “Diet”, which doesn´t appeal young man because of the feminine stigma. The Coke Zero was developed with artificial sugar and flavors that made the product´s flavor more alike Coca Cola Classic, because one of the problems of the Diet Coke was that even though it was a low calorie beverage, the taste was not good enough for customers and most of them were not willing to purchase it even though it was better than the Coca Cola Classic in terms of nutrition and health.

2. Updating :

Coke Zero has not just grown, but notched 17 straight quarters of double-digit sales increases. It is now sold in 130 countries, including powerhouse markets such as Brazil and Mexico. It is perhaps the most successful new soft drink of the last decade, a billion-dollar brand...
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