: Case Assignment-Firewire Surfboards

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Week 1: Case Assignment
Firewire Surfboards
Need help with GEB1112 Entrepreneurship Book: Small Business Management 15e Longenecker Firewire Surfboards Case 1, Pages 628-629 Read the Case Study entitled, “Firewire Surfboards” on pages 628-629. Then, answer questions 1, 3, 4, and 7 at the end of the case.

1.Two major competitors are Channel Islands and Lost Surfboards. Channel Islands is more expensive than Firewire. Lost Surfboards

3.Firewire’s core competence is they offer a surf board that are far more flexible, lighter, stronger and more maneuverability that the other leading competitors. Sustainable?


7. My recommendation to Firewire would be to concentrate on what their customers are looking for in a product and deliver what suits their needs. To understand what is most desired by your customers / potential customers they can offer a product or products they will buy from them.

--Firewire has a made-to-order product that will cost a little more than what the company's standards are..about $600 sticks, which already come in more than 90 models, from longboard cruisers ti shortboard scalpels. "SOURCE: Surfing's Next Safari" Vol 37, No.7 (July 2009)"

Firewire Surfboards’ innovative technologies, processes and materials have given surfers those performance gains and more – superior flex, manueverability, durability, and environmental friendliness as well. The boards are constructed through proprietary methods, utilizing a combination of high-tech materials previously not offered by any other large-scale commercial surfboard manufacturer, including expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, aerospace composites, epoxy resins, carbon rod suspensions and bamboo decks. The boards are lighter, stronger and more lively and responsive than traditional polyurethane foam boards. The innovative materials also emit only two percent of the harmful compounds of traditional boards – a fact that has earned the company...
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