Case Assignment: Coca-Cola

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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International Business

Orton Porter

Module 1 Case Assignment


The worldwide international beverage giant, Coca-Cola, went global decades ago. The appearance of strong foreign competitors in the United States was a major force behind the emergence of the global perspective. Other factors that contribute to the globalization are the external economy of scale, the environmental and governmental policy and the labor. In fact, India has more than a billion strong populations and a huge potential for economic growth. It represents an important market for Coca-Cola. In the following lines, we are going to analyze Coca-Cola’s global strategy, and then we will show its importance, and finally presents the reasons why Indian market is so important for the company. Coca-Cola is steadily pushing forward with international expansion, building On its existing global base and capitalizing on alliances with strategic partners overseas. In response to the changing market environment, it is also taking steps toward more effective operations through business rationalization and concentration of management resources. In all of its overseas development activities, the Coca-Cola Company remains aware of the dramatic changes taking place in the global business environment, and seeks to achieve efficient operations through careful selection and concentration in the international market. Coca-Cola meticulously monitors its various markets (North and America, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Africa), paying particular attention to risk management and administration. As Coca-Cola develops its marketing strategy, several changes are appearing. Establishing relationships with e-commerce companies through marketing alliances or purchasing equity interests in firms, Coca-Cola is learning how the Internet can influence its business. The activities range from simple joint promotions (such as...
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