Case Application: Appraising the Secretaries at Sweetwater U

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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1.Do you think that the experts' recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly? Why? Why not? What additional actions (if any) do you think will be necessary? I don’t feel that the experts’ recommendations will be sufficient to get most of the administrators to fill out the rating forms properly. The managers would be pleased with the recommendation to rescind Mr. Winchester’s forced ranking technique but would definitely challenge the idea of not tying salary increases to appraisal forms because it’s what they’ve always done and it is the only way they feel they can provide competitive wages for secretaries. The issues of providing invalid feedback to each secretary has been a standing practice for quite some time, therefore it would be ludicrous to think that a practice imbedded in the organization’s culture would simply cease to exist per a recommendation. Administrators must understand and value the new process. In order for the recommendations to be accepted and practiced Mr. Winchester will need to educate administrators on the new process and why it is necessary then provide training to improve the administrators’ appraisal skills and monitor the effectiveness of the new appraisal form to ensure that that they are operating in a manner that aides in the success of organizational goals. In order for appraisal techniques to be effective administrators must be made aware of potential problems that may exist during the appraisal process such as leniency/strictness, bias and/or central tendency. According to research by R. Murray, if people understand and believe in a program and see it as a means of helping themselves to accomplish their own personal desires through contributions to organizational goals, they will use it and feel committed to it (Murray, p. 95).

Mr. Winchester must also recognize his administrators’ concerns regarding competitive wages for secretaries. There may be...
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