Case Analysis Whither an Mba at Strutledge

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Case Analysis: Whither an MBA at Strutledge

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September 13, 2013

Case Analysis: Whither an MBA at Strutledge

I. Setting

The issues concerning the case analysis takes place at a small private liberal arts school named Strutledge. The school is located within 50 miles of a major urban area in the southeast United States. The Board of Regents is considering establishing an MBA program. The key players in this case include the Dean of the school who sees an opportunity in establishing an MBA program, the faculty which would comprise of instructors of local industry, a major state-funded school located nearby which does offer an established MBA program and is the main competition for Strutledge, new students which will be potential customers in the endeavor; and the Board of Regents who must decide on the strategic plan for their school.

II. Problem

Strutledge’s costs are rising and its enrollment is decreasing. Although business courses are offered at the school, they do not currently have an undergraduate degree program for business in place. A major state-funded university that offers an MBA program is located in the adjacent urban area. The Board of Regents is contemplating pursuing another graduate degree plan that may be a better niche as an order winner.

III. Case Questions

1. What action would you recommend to the Board of Regents? The Board of Regents must first identify what exactly they are trying to achieve by establishing a new program. They must address the issue of whether this new endeavor fits the mission and vision of the company. Upon reviewing the proposal for the new program, 1) they must decide if the new program fits within their mission and vision for the organization; 2) if they have the resources to pursue the task and 3) they must assess the probability of their success or failure. The Board of Regents is...
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