Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution

Problem Identification

World Wide Telecommunications (WWT) attempted a joint venture with an Indian firm, a Subcontinental Software Solutions (SSS). This joint venture (JV) caused several symptoms; equipment difficulties, a sexual harassment, revised budget, and an intellectual property stealing. The problem was the failure of risk management and it resulted in the delays in finishing the software. The initial symptom of the delays in finishing software was equipment difficulties. First of all, the JV had no relationships with international banks. It caused to delay to order the equipment. The problem was a failure of risk management that unprepared unprecedented levels of business complexity. WWT must organize to contract with an international bank prior to lead JV. Secondly, Rajiv Dev, the senior VP of Operations for the JV, was responsible for mishandling the equipment. The problem is a failure of operational risk management. The research of the equipment should have been required prior to order the equipment. The technicians or researchers should have been worked with Dev at the beginning of the process. So do other board members to balance the authority of decision-making. Therefore unprepared risk management ultimately the problem. Even though challenges were shown on the research, a risk management failed in all areas such as operational risk management, and hazard risk management.

Situation Analysis
Two methods of analysis will be discussed in the situation analysis; SWOT analysis and Key risks externally and internally driven. First of all, the market concept has two different perspectives; Economic and Business Perspectives. From Economic perspective, a JV has strengths and opportunities in strategic risk management. Externally, a JV with the Indian software company has two advantages. One of them is demand of the Indian software market, which is considered a huge potential...
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