Case Analysis-Strategic It Transformation at Accenture

Topics: Outsourcing, Standardization, Accenture Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Case analysis-Strategic IT Transformation at Accenture

Accenture was separated from its parent company and rebranded as a new organization. They face a challenge of building a new IT infrastructure to support their business. Because the new Accenture’s organization structure is different from the Anderson Consulting, the Anderson’s IT is deficient in several ways. Based on the deficient aspects I have some own recommendations and then I will analyse what Accenture did to deal with the situation.

First of all, the Anderson’s IT system did not interconnect readily each other. I suggest that in Accenture, they can build up a standard rules, and all the offices should follow such rules and use the standard information system to communicate each other. As we learned before, standardization is very important for an organization. It’s a good way to improve the efficiency of internal communication. Also, a standard information system is easy to manage the relationship with customers or partners. It can enhance the relationship and improve the customers’ satisfaction. The second and third problem also can be solved by standardization. So choose a right platform to standardize data and exchange process is crucial for Accenture.

As a new brand, Accenture should consider their strategic context carefully before they making the decision. And clarify the enterprise’s view of IT infrastructure. In this case they realized that they should run IT not a cost center but as a business within business. When they face three different types of platforms, they choose the single-vendor approach to minimize the cost of IT. Also they choose Microsoft and HP as their software and hardware suppliers. It’s a brilliant decision because these two companies have great reputation in such industry. It’s a valuable and stable relationship for Accenture to cooperate with Microsoft and HP. It can improve the efficiency both in software and hardware aspects.

In the case, I notice that the...
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