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MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis



Schindler Holding Ltd, a respected Swiss elevator company, was established in 1874 by Robert Schindler and the first Schindler elevator was installed in India in 1925. After technical and sales collaborations with Indian companies, ECE and Bharat Bijlee Ltd.(BBL) in 1958 and 1985, Schindler Ltd decided to setup a wholly owned company in India in 1998. The Indian economy had been liberalized in 1991 and the economy was growing at a rapid clip with many commercial buildings, hotels etc, being setup. Sensing the growing opportunity, Alfred Schindler, Chairman and 4th generation founder family member, decided to invest in India. But he also knew that Indian elevator market was very demanding requiring customization even at the lowest elevator product range and very price sensitive. The market was also competitive and he was also aware that almost 50% of the market was captured by their worldwide competitors, Otis, and the remaining 24% by other well known brands like Finland based Kone etc. It was clear to him that entering this competitive yet potentially lucrative and profitable market would require services of a person with qualities of having a long term vision, foresight, be able to take high risks, be decisive, require thorough understanding of the local elevator market and to be able to adapt to the ever-changing local market conditions. Mr. Silvio Napoli seemed to have the right qualities for the job. Graduating with MBA from Harvard Business School, Silvio was appointed as head of corporate planning and was involved in strategic review processes, benchmarking and competitor analysis etc. thereby gaining good understanding of the global elevator market. He also gained good

MGT 554: International Business and Law Silvio Napoli at Schindler India (A) – A Case Analysis


__________________ experience managing a project that developed a standardized, low cost elevator for the highly saturated western elevator markets of France, Spain etc., an experience that could also be leveraged for the Indian market. Silvio was also assigned with the task of evaluating the Indian elevator market for potential joint ventures, understand prevailing legal systems, estimate market size etc. and with this knowledge Silvio presented a India specific business plan to the corporate headquarters, which was quickly approved. So, Silvio should have been the right person for the job, but after reviewing his progress after 7 months, it became clear that he lacked essential qualities of having a long term vision, foresight, inflexibility and patience. Yes it is true that Silvio did a research about India and could get all the necessary information to start the wholly owned subsidiary of Schindler in India, but he lacked in understanding the cultural preferences and local preference to customizations. Silvio was strong headed and single minded, impatient and short tempered and also over communicative. He was not open to ideas communicated by his senior management, including managing director, Mehar Karan Singh, who emphasized on the need to have patience in the Indian market and develop relationships with customers. All these qualities of Silvio are not exactly appropriate in the Indian elevator market and could also lead to ineffective management control and dissatisfied subordinates. Given that Schindler was expecting large growth in a short period of time (sell 50 units in first year and have 20% of the market share within 5 years), it is clear Silvio also lacked execution capabilities. In the 7 months since Schindler established a dedicated presence in India, not a single elevator was installed in the country. Future prospects also looked bleak with no new concrete...
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