Case Analysis: San Diego Chargers

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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Case Analysis: San Diego Chargers

Problem: With rookies, free agent signees, or current players. How to keep players out of trouble, but do it in an ethical way without offending or violating their privacy…

* To evaluate them as a football player FIRST…
* Look at what they stand for as a person and what they'll do for your city, and then think do they all go together. * It starts with the football and it trickles down from there, but we're also looking for a player with the potential to be a good citizen. * While teams talk about the need for consistency, most coaches and executives also acknowledge that each case must be measured on a player's production on and off the field. * Having a team seminar during each training camp to ensure player’s we are looking out for their best interest, and not trying to parent them. * If a player is on the edge but has potential, pair him up with a veteran who may have went down their path before to let him know how important being a model citizen will help you become a better player/teammate.

The Issues:
* Will asking for players to be anonymous on feedback help? Or should we ask for identity? * If attending the seminar is required, will it rub the non-troubled players or veterans the wrong way? * Will we inform them of us doing deep background checks, or stay silent about it? * Will questioning them about their off-field hobbies make them question our intentions? * How could we ensure our players that this isn’t for the NFL, but for us as an organization?

The parameters for punishment outlined in the collective bargaining agreement are complicated. It takes some time to sort through what we could do to players in upcoming seasons for an accumulation of off-field incidents. Texans GM Rick Smith said teams must be vigilant regarding players in trouble, but also have to measure the idea of giving up on someone too soon. If the Chargers ever adopt a...
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