Case Analysis on Private Fitness, Llc

Topics: Employment, Management, Ethics Pages: 5 (728 words) Published: January 28, 2013
I. Background/Issues and Concern

Rosemary Worth was talking about the consequences of a theft that had recently occurred at the business she owned, Private Fitness, LLC. Private Fitness is a small health club located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, an upscale community located in the Los Angeles Area. As manager of the business, Rosemary hired Kate Hoffman, one of the instructors and a long-time friend. Kate’s primary tasks included marketing, facility upkeep, scheduling of appointments, and record keeping.

II. Problem Statement

What should be the procedures or controls that Rosemary could use to protect her business’s assets?

III. Point of View

There is an existing employee fraud in the company done by Kate, who is a long-time friend and at the same time, valuable instructor and marketer. Since this is a serious offense made by Kate, a better control is needed to avoid incidents like these. Another thing is the company is not yet stable when it comes to policies/regulations. Proper segregation or delegation of duties must be done. Only one person is designed to do the recording of revenues and receiving of cash which is Kate. That’s the reason why Kate can have the opportunity to conceal fraud.

IV. Objectives

Specifically, the objectives of the study are the following:

1. To ensure that revenues are all recorded;

2. To make sure cash and cash in bank be equal to revenue recorded; and

3. To implement a better internal control.

V. Areas of Consideration

1. If employees can adapt the change.

2. If Rosemary would be willing to spend time monitoring her business.

3. If Rosemary would be willing to put boundaries between personal and business matters.

VI. Alternative Courses of Action

1. Fire Kate in the organization and hire a non-instructor as the new manager, and maintain the old system

|Advantages |Disadvantages | |Lesser cost can be incurred since no alteration of the system. |Building trust to the new manager takes time. | |New employee usually step their best foot forward so they are more |For dismissing her, the reason might be disclosed to other employees | |focused on making their job well done. |which could create bad reputation for her. | |New employee might be unfamiliar with other instructors so it can | | |prevent collusion/sabotage among instructors. | |

2. Retain Kate as an instructor but appoint existing instructor as the new manager, and implement a new system

|Advantages |Disadvantages | |The good relationship with Kate would not be compromised for |Implementation of the new system requires additional expenses. | |terminating her. |Rosemary would have to allocate additional time for her business for | |The number of their clients would be properly monitored. |monitoring. | |The revenues would be properly recorded. | | |Maintaining the employees would build organizational commitment. | |

VII. Recommendation

We, the consultants, recommend the second course of action. Rosemary must retain Kate as her manager. To be able to prevent the employee fraud from...
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