Case Analysis: Maitland Motors

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1. Defining the Problem
The case revolves around the business relationship between Bruce Maitland of Maitland Motors and Chuck Harper, president of Universal Specialty Steel. Bruce and Chuck collaborated in several profitable ventures. However, for every lucrative business deals Bruce had to please Chuck and his associates with gifts and favors. The magnitude of such offerings increased with each subsequent deal and involved more and more recipients. Bruce realized that

Maitland Motors, a Ford/Lincoln-Mercury dealer did most of its lucrative businesses with Mid South Tool & Die and Universal Specialty Steel. These two companies were subsidiaries of Wisconsin-National, Inc. Bruce Maitland, the owner of Maitland Motors, was faced with an ethical problem. In order to continue receiving profitable offers, Bruce had to provide an increasing amount of favors and gifts to a growing number of key personnel of the two companies.

2. Formulating the Alternatives
Bruce Maitland had the following three alternatives that could be used to resolve the problem: • Alternative 1: Bruce could continue providing gifts and favors in return of the deals. • Alternative 2: Bruce could provide some gifts and favors while deny others. • Alternative 3: Bruce could...
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