Case Analysis Framework for Marketing Management

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Term Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Amanda Gonzalez
Case Analysis Framework
1. Analyze and Record the Situation
a. Environment
i. Does the current economy poses a threat to the purchasing of YUM brands by society? ii. How does their current market strategy coincide with the current social and political trends going on? (i.e. going green, certain portion goes to certain charity) iii. Overall are there any possible threats or opportunities that may affect the firm or its industry? b. Industry

iv. What type of industry is the firm in? Does it contain a good amount of the market share in its industry? Is there a threat and if so what type of impact will it cause if new players come into the industry? v. What are some of their competitive advantages/ weaknesses? vi. How does their relationship with suppliers affect their profitability? vii. How does their relationship with their buyers affect their profitability? viii.

c. Organization
ix. Is marketing department structured properly and accordingly? x. What is their overall objective? Is it something that is attainable and clearly stated and known from the top all the way down to the bottom of the organization? xi. Does their organization have sufficient and highly executed internal controls? (good management, no misstated financial statements, etc.)

d. Marketing Strategy
xii. What is there marketing strategy? Is it always one step ahead of their competition? xiii. Are the marketing strategies developed concurrent so that the organizations goals are attainable? xiv. What are some the marketing issues that may arise when developing the proper marketing strategy? Is it properly planned? Does it contain good principles? 2. Analyze and Record the Problem

e. What are the primary and secondary problems?
f. What symptoms could have been caught to avoid this problem from...
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