Case Analysis Eric Peterson

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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The case study is about the numerous issues being faced by Eric Peterson, the general manager of Green Mountain Cellular Telephone (GMCT, a cellular mobile system) in setting up a new cellular operation of the company on time. GMCT is already a month behind the target and the revised target-on-date has been decided as Apr 1(from Feb1) which is just 3 weeks away .In order to address this, Peterson is scheduled to meet Knight, the director of its parent organization i.e. Cellular Communication Services, Inc.(CelluComm) to discuss upon the various problems, causes of delay and to chalk out a plan for dealing with them.

The following major issues are being faced by Peterson. These have been broadly categorized under the respective areas of concern. 1) Complex organizational structure
* Structure is highly inconsistent and unclear.
* Peterson aligned to Jeff Hardy instead of Jenkins without any prior notice. 2) Lack of competency and skills
* This is observed both at Peterson’s and his boss’ level. Both don’t hold any prior work experience .No guidance available. 3) Lack of experience to address multiple issues.
* Has got difficult subordinates (like Curtis, who has constrained relationships with his subordinates and peers).Peterson is not able to handle these internal conflicts efficiently. * Having tough time in making decisions related to equipment selection, settling zoning problems. * Peterson has tried to resolve the problem to some extent by arranging one-on-one counseling, weekly construction meetings, by re-organizing but it is of little help till now. 4) Lack of Leadership skills

* Handling various challenges alone rather than delegating the responsibilities. This indicates his inability to resolve and mobilize the issues. * Peterson’s Inability to resolve the internal conflicts in the office. * An attitude to avoid the conflict...
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