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Topics: Employment, Tests, Drug test Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Case Analysis – ABC, Inc. New Hire Processes
Rosa Papasodero
June 3, 2012
Ruth Palumbo/University of Phoenix

Case Analysis – ABC, Inc. New Hire Processes
The following analysis will thoroughly examine the processes involved with new hires at ABC, Inc. and who is responsible for them. The purpose of this analysis is to find the weaknesses in the system and attempt to improve the overall new hire procedures. THE NEW HIRE PROCESS

ABC, Inc. has a system in place for recruitment and training of new hires. The process begins with the New Campus Recruiter. The recruiter goes out and recruits new employees for the operations division of the firm and prepares them for the training process at ABC, Inc. The training process involves a “training schedule, orientation, company manuals, policy booklets, physicals, mandatory drug testing and a host of other issues” which the recruiter is responsible for coordinating in a timely manner (Palumbo, 2012).

The Recruiter is responsible for making sure all paperwork is completed and filed in the new employee files before they commence working. The Recruiter is also responsible for making sure all necessary physicals and mandatory drug tests are completed as well as prepping the materials needed for the new employee orientation which is scheduled approximately 2 weeks prior to the employees’ commencement date. In short, the Recruiter makes sure that new employees are ready to begin work. IDENTIFYING KEY PROBLEMS

ABC, Inc. has recently hired a new Recruiter for the firm. He has been with the firm for only 6 months. In that time, the Recruiter hired 15 new trainees for the operations department. A laundry list of problems arose after the hirings took place that could have been avoided. The problems that occurred are: * Scheduling a new hire orientation without confirming a room to hold it in * Verifying that all new hire paperwork has been completed * Verifying that all physicals and drug tests...
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