Case Analysis 3 - Personal Navigation Devices (Pnds)

Topics: Automotive navigation system, Personal digital assistant, Google Maps Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Case Analysis 3 - Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs)
1Q. Why have Personal Navigation Devices become popular? What technologies are required to facilitate the success of PNDs? ANS: Personal navigation devices can become the next must-have gadgets. They add more comfort in the busy life in the sense that they give you an ability to concentrate on one thing less. PND like, say, GPS are starting to win over customers, from weekend hikers or bikers to people who are just tired of their lousy sense of direction. Some consumer GPS navigation devices feature interactive street maps that may also show route information, and step-by-step routing directions. For these reasons PND’s are very helpful and useful. Some PNA devices are PDAs with limited features and can be unlocked. A Personal Navigation Device or Portable Navigation Device (PND) also known as Personal Navigation Assistant (PNA) is a portable electronic product which combines a positioning capability (such as GPS) and navigation functions. 2Q. Who are some of the leaders in PNDs? What are the likely factors that will contribute to winning in this marketplace? ANS: The term PNA has come into widespread use with the growing popularity of automobile navigation systems. The leaders in PND manufacturing are 1.Garmin Ltd.

2.Mio Technology Ltd.
3.TomTom International BV.
Online Connectivity
Adding online connectivity to PNDs helps them compete with cell phones, which have also started offering navigation capabilities. Providing online connectivity will help make PNDs more useful to drivers in managing their everyday situations. With online connectivity, you can engage in local searches, get information about traffic, and also get map updates. Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology is another add-on that might facilitate the success of PNDs. Speech recognition technology performs functions such as calling a phone number when you say the name of the person you want to call. A PND...
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