Case Analysis 2 - Us Citizen Bank

Topics: Credit card, Debt, University Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Anthony A. Aderhold
BETH 601-80
Case Analysis #2

“US Citizen Bank (A)”

Should Ms. Jefferies submit information or withhold information to a governmental arm, even though participation is completely voluntary? Michelle Jefferies is vice president for the Niche Credit Markets Division for US Citizen Bank. During her tenure, the development of a college student credit card program has rapidly accelerated. At the same time the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has requested US Citizen Bank’s participation and information regarding marketing strategies, credit card terms, underwriting terms specific to college student credit cards, etc. GAO is preparing a report specifically for three U.S. House of Representatives concerned about student credit card issuers on campus. Although the GAO is promising confidentiality to companies that respond and submit information to them, Michelle must decide if submitting information and participating with the report is in the best interest of US Citizen Bank, Credit Card Companies as a whole, higher learning institutions and their students and the general public. Stakeholders

As an employee of US Citizen Bank, Michelle is concerned that participation may bring upon a heightened degree of scrutiny from lawmakers. She is also concerned that although GAO has confirmed confidentially, information may be leaked which happens all too often with the U.S. Government. If information is leaked, US Citizen Bank’s strategic marketing plans and competitive data may be uncovered. However, by not participating, if law changes are to arise stemming from the report, US Citizen Bank may have less or no say in the matter. Michelle must consider who’s interests matter in this dilemma. Besides US Citizen Bank, other credit card companies are being asked the same information. With no participation from any of these companies, law makers may make decisions and put into law, policies that affect the overall...
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