Case Analysis

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Learning Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Case Analysis P. 91
Rick’s New Job
1. Why do you think rick was let go? How does reinforcement theory apply to the main characters in this situation? How does expectancy theory apply?

I believe that Rick was let go due to his inability to cope with the management group, he concentrated with only one person; Val Peterson, who he felt would accept and appreciate his ideas and new approach and at the same time and unintentionally neglected the rest of the management team. He couldn’t get along with his colleagues, couldn’t conform, he was categorized an outsider. since the Peterson Paper Products Co. is ruled or operated by more than one partner and The organization is run in a sort of family and informal basis, he wanted to change and do many things so quickly and he started to proceed without bearing in mind the culture and how much it can be very hard for them to be subjected to change and exposed quickly to new ideas. Unintentionally, he became a threat to all employees as well as the management team who at a time felt that he monopolized a lot of Mr. Peterson’s time. Simply Rick didn’t follow the reinforcement theory. The reinforcement theory simply looks at the relationship between behavior and its consequences. Rick failed to provide all the answers of how needs are translated into action. The theory stated that behavior followed by satisfying experiences tends to be repeated and behavior followed by annoyance tends to be avoided. Mrs. Rosie Peterson has warned Rick that it is a family operation and he shouldn’t try to change things quickly and Rick still rushed things. The Expectancy theory describes the cognitive process involved in designing the best course of action for achieving goals 2. Explain Rosie’s and Walter reactions to Rick’s computer in terms of resistance to change. How might Rick have used the concepts in this chapter to approach the computer situation so as to gain acceptance? Rosie and Walter reacted in a negative attitude as...
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