Case Analysis

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Hyatt, Tropical cyclone Pages: 1 (250 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Case Analysis 2

Define the objectives for the Conference Decision Case

Some of the clear decision objectives of the Conference Decision Case: 1. Hurricane Katrina has struck the city leaving a wake of destruction. This means that the 200 attendees that are scheduled to attend will not be able to stay in the hotel s. All attendees pre-paid their registration fee for the conference. With a lot of competition in the marketplace, getting the users to participate in the annual user’s conference is critical to retain current customers. During the conference, several product enhancement ideas are developed by the users, and this input is often used in future releases of the product.

2. Potential new customers are invited to the event and their involvement often leads to securing new contracts for the accounting system as they gain confidence in the system seeing others use it.

Identify the alternatives for the case:
1. The alternatives for this case would be that they first consider keeping the original dates and moving to a different city may drastically increase costs due to the short advanced notice. If the move the convention to another city the cost may be too high for some of the people that were coming. The fees to fly or drive to another city may be too high because of such late notice. Will people cancel because of the higher hotel costs? And If the date is changed, will the speakers and attendees still be able to attend?
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