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Karl Henning’s has a business in Fort Collins Colorado; Rocky’s Soccer Academy where he trains small groups soccer aged 7 to 14. He currently trains about 600 kids per year, although he wants his business to grow. Youth soccer is big in Colorado. 90 percent of his current customers live in Fort Collins which has a population of about 110,000 people. Close to 100 percent are aware about his program among competitive soccer players ages 11 to 14 and probably about 40 percent among families with soccer-playing kids ages 6 to 10.

One of his options consists of him expanding his business to other cities that range about 25 miles away from Fort Collins. The city Loveland, of about 60,000 people falls south of Fort Collins. The cities Greeley and Longmont, each with about 80,000 people. These areas have limited soccer training programs but people are very aware about Henning’s Academy. He may have to run his program closer to these cities because he may run into a problem with parents of these communities not wanting to drive such a long distance. THE PRESENT MARKETING STRATEGY

Rocky’s Soccer Academy target market focuses on the youth ages 7 to 14, both male and female with an interest for learning soccer and having fun with it. Henning’s Marketing Mix
Product- Youth soccer training session
Place- Taught in areas where youth soccer is popular
Promotion- Bright blue jerseys with the Rocky name across the front Price- Averaged prices. Priced on session times, Packaged deals and age range. S.W.O.T
Strengths- Rocky Soccer Academy did well attracting customers by word of mouth. Weaknesses- Not enough publicity in other cities. Not enough different types of publicity to get the awareness level up about the Academy Opportunities-To spread his business in different cities where there isn’t much competition. Threats- Distance, Losing the interest of the kid ages 14 and up, other activities, school work POSSIBLE MARKETING STRATEGIES

Hennings has...
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