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Topics: Grasshopper Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: June 20, 2012
A bug’s life is an animated film that talks about the oppression of the Grasshoppers to the colony of Ants. This film depicts similarities and mirrors out some real common economic issues that we deal with. First economic issue I have noticed is the division of labor the colony of Ant has. Its obvious at the start of the film, because I have seen the ants do their jobs on their own, which is what we also know about them in real life. Some have to look for the food and place them on the proper place while some will be the one responsible in supervising the order in the colony. Second issue related is the Grasshoppers’ treatment to the Colony of Ants. They are like the Monopolist in the business world although they don’t own anything, they still dictate what they want to the ants, and that is to gather foods for them before the rainy season approaches. They are the monopolist who doesn’t care to anything as long as they know they are earning then they can dictate higher prices because they know that they are the only provider of a certain product or service. In this case, the grasshoppers knew that they are the only ones who can scare and force the ants to work for them, that is why if the ants will disagree with them the grasshopper will scare and bribe them more. Third economic issue related is the scene where Flick went to find for the bugs who can help them fight back against the grasshoppers but then flick had it them differently, he told the bugs that they were to be there for a performance so that they can do away with their previous employer. Flick just like had an underground economy, which is illegal and not usually known. The ants didn’t know what was running on Flick’s mind, they thought that the bugs where really there but the truth is they had other reasons why they are there. Although people doing this underground economy only wants to earn, they still don’t comply to what the government wants. This is same...
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