Case Against College

Topics: High school, College, University Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Emily Davis
Mr. Ewing
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English 101
Case against College
C. Bird believes that college is not necessary to survive in the world. Bird suggests that students and parents who see college as a status symbol or as evidence of being a "well rounded" individual should seriously reconsider a college education. She sees college as a huge waste of financial resources, and argues that students are often neither intellectually or emotionally richer for the experience. It’s been said that all high school graduates should go to make more money, become a better person, and learn to be more responsible. College doesn’t work out for a lot of people. Not all high school graduates fit in the college lifestyle. Most college graduates end up selling shoes of driving taxis. Others cheat to advance themselves by sabotaging experiments or forging letters of recommendation. The rest just drop out. There are many reasons for college not working out. There are young spoiled, stoned, overindulged people who expect too much. Maybe it is the times and the state of the world. There is not a large job market for what a lot of students are getting degrees in. College may, in fact, not actually teach anything vocationally useful to the students. It’s said to make students “better people” and “well-rounded”, they’re allowed to better express themselves, and learn to form values and goals. Values are often times swayed by the beliefs of professor and are not always useful in life. Most college graduates learned social skills on campus more than intellectual things. College is over-rated and many colleges have a faculty to student ratio that is outstanding. There’s an immense loss of personal contact. Some colleges have unqualified teachers. Other responsibilities that colleges are shying away from are housing, policing and protecting the students. Officials often do not want to intervene in a student’s personal life. Freshmen are expected to take full responsibility of their...
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