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Shakey’s has been serving the people for how many years with their quality products using the finest ingredients and dough prepared fresh everyday keeping their tradition of great food and family entertainment. For generations, Shakey’s has been the neighborhood gathering place, where family and friends come together to share great food and good times. Shakey’s wanted to reach families and remind them that Shakey’s is not just all about food but about fun family and pizza. With its vision to be the leading and preferred pizza restaurant, it consistently serves the best tasting, high quality food through fast, efficient and friendly service in a clean, fun and wholesome environment.

Shakey's Pizza was the first important pizza chain restaurant in the United States and in many ways pioneered the concept of the chain pizza parlor. It is noted for its unique features: The chains are decorated in a variety of informal styles; traditionally having tables lined end to end the width of the dining room and seating provided on wooden stools. There is usually a window called the open kitchen, allowing children to watch the pizza being made. Shakey’s offer not only pizzas but a variety of other products. Besides pizza, Shakey's has developed other menu items into trademarks, including its MoJo potatoes (breaded and deep-fried potato slices) and fried chicken and salads.

Shakey’s pizza was founded in Sacramento, California on April 30, 1954 by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson (1925-1998) and Ed Plummer. The first weekend the parlor opened, only beer was served, and Shakey’s took the profits from beer sales and bought ingredients for pizza the following Monday. The original store at 57th and J Streets in Sacramento remained in business until the late 1990s.

The Shakey’s Pizza brand and concept was brought into the Philippines by San Miguel Corporation via its subsidiary company International Family Foods Services, Inc. (IFFSI). IFFSI, who owned the franchise right for the country, began the task of growing the brand and awarded the first franchise right to a company called Golden Pizza, Inc. (GPI) owned and headed by Mr. Leopoldo L. Prieto, Sr. On March 15,1975, GPI opened the very first Shakey’s store in the Philippines in Makati Avenue.  

This first ever Shakey’s branch with its great tasting & crisp pizzas, unique chicken and mojos tandem, flowing cold draft beer, cheerful service, and fun atmosphere, became an instant hit in Manila. This first store paved the way for many more very successful branches that eventually made Shakey’s to be known as the Home of the Original Thin Crust Pizza.  

By mid-eighties, Shakeys was already one of the leaders in the food service industry. It has successfully grown to several Prieto Jr dozen stores led by the aggressive and successful GPI group. Yet despite this, San Miguel was not able to fully focus on the business mainly because of its immense size. The pizza foodchain business was just too small for a conglomerate of its size and stature. Then, in 1987, IFFSI was sold to the Antelope group, under the helmsmanship of Mr. Antonio., the elder brother of Mr. Leopoldo Prieto Sr. They believed they could give Shakey’s the personal touch, which San Miguel had difficulty supplying due to its immense size. After the said move, IFFSI took over the management and operations of its company-owned stores. Thus, with IFFSI under Mr. Antonio Prieto Jr. and GPI, the biggest Shakey’s Franchise group under Mr. Leopoldo Prieto Sr., Shakey’s was poised to become a leader in the foodchain service industry.

As all businesses must do, Shakey’s has responded to societal changes and moods, and has gone through various phases in 30 years time. While originally catering mostly to the mid-afternoon and early-evening crowd, Shakey’s underwent several changes in its image and ambience in order to address the changing business environment. There were many ups and downs as the brand sought to...
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