Case About Managerial Activity

Topics: Personality psychology, Type A and Type B personality theory, Psychology Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: December 7, 2012
4.2 Identify the Relationship between Personality and Stress: Individuals differ dramatically in their response to a problem or a stressor. Some people are born with a temperament that predisposes them to higher or lower levels of tolerance to stress. Typically personality usually tells about stress factor. A brief of personality is helpful in analysing factors those contribute to stress, shown as under: A Type A personality:

- always seems busy and runs his or her life by the clock;
- speaks quickly and loudly;
- walks quickly;
- eats rapidly;
- is impatient and irritable;
- tries to do more than one thing at a time;
- feels guilty when relaxing’
- is competitive and plays to win;
- schedules too many activities into a day;
- and is intolerant of failure.
Not surprisingly, Type B individuals are the complete opposite. A typical Type B:
- can stay patient and calm;
- has no inner anger nor hostility;
- cooperates with others;
- can relax without feeling guilty;
- plays for fun, not to win;
-is flexible and easy going’
- and works without agitation.

Difference in personality traits between type A and B

Type A Personality Traits | Type B Personality Traits |         Must get things finished|        Do not mind leaving things unfinished for a while |        Never late for appointments |      Calm and unhurried about appointments|         Excessively competitive|         Not excessively competitive |      Can't listen to conversations, interrupt, finish other’s sentences |         Can listen and let the other person finish speaking|         Always in a hurry|        Never in a hurry even when busy |         Do not like to wait |         Can wait calmly|         Very busy at full speed |         Easy going|        Trying to do more than one thing at a time |        Can take one thing at a time|        Want everything to be perfect |        Do not mind things not quite...
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