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Case Assignment for Otis Elevator
1. How hard do you think installing OTISLINE was in 1990? In my opinion, apparently installing OTISLINE would confront with many difficulties in 1990, however, these difficulties may be less comprehensive than those problems confronted when establishing the e*Logistics program. The OTISLINE customer service center was a centralized customer service system to dispatch service mechanics. When IT implemented this 24*7 concept, they should deal with key problems as followings: (1) The communication problem among IT and different functional areas; Since before OTISLINE was introduced, there was no central view of service delivery, response time, or cumulative product issues in the field. Therefore the IT department had to communicate with managers from different functional areas to make them realize the importance of implementing this system. (2) The technology and facility problem; Because there was no existed system or facility could be used for the customer service center, the IT department had to install a new mainframe and develop a totally new system. (3) The staff reorganizing, training and motivating problem; Service personnel were dispatched from local offices previously so that they have to reorganize a group of service people to respond to customers. In the meanwhile, with the installment of the new system, all of the users should be trained to be familiar with this system while an incentive system should be established to encourage them. 2. The IT tools being used by Otis in 2004 are simple – databases, workflow software, Intranets and Extranets, email – but the benefits appear to be extraordinary. How can this be? Although the IT tools being used in 2004 are simple, the extraordinary benefits were generated from the coordinated and synergic effort of multiple ongoing change programs in all functions including engineering, supply chain, and sales and field operations. (1) Engineering: The SIMBA...
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