Case 6-1 Human Resource Management

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Management Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: September 30, 2012
After analyzing the job analysis that Marina conducted for the position of assistant store manager, I don’t believe she used the appropriate methods. Although her prior experience in the position is very useful, not all of the Assistant Manager positions are the same. Marina herself even believed that after hearing that she thought she had more responsibilities than other Assistant Managers. I don’t think she included how the position of Assistant Manager fits in the entire Organization. Some strengths of her job analysis was her description and duties and responsibilities, and I believe that comes from experience. Her weaknesses, however, is the qualification requirement seem a little vague. The Education is clear, but the rest is a foggy description of what is required for this position. She also left out task behaviors. Her lack of information for the KSAOs is something she may want to take a look at. I think she should have examined the KSAOs more seriously to improve her job analysis. She should have examined the position a little closer and discussed which KSAO is useful for each party of the job. It just throws them all in there on a list and expects the applicants to just have those skills. The applicants may have the skills but can they apply them appropriately as the position requires? I don’t think the job description and job specification is thorough enough. To be adequate to serve as a basis for a new selection system, they would have to become more in-depth. I think this job description is vague when it comes to whom the manager supervises and that could lead to problems. I believe the tasks could lead to discrimination as well.
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