Case 5-1 & 5-2 Mcs

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Case 5-1
1. How should AMAX be organized and controlled?
* Measuring the management performance to provide proper motivation for managers for measuring profitability. * The quality measurement of manufacturing process such as scheduling product, quality control, and the decision making. * By focusing on the profit centers that give the information about profitability to upper management. * By focusing on the ending profit or loss that encourage managers to make more profits from product that already exist. * By separate the department and appoint a manager in each department, so the managers have greater responsibility and to have different goal in each department, and also the managers can encourage/motivate his/her employees, so each department can develop separately. So it will become more effective and efficient.

Case 5-2
Case A
The organization should increase the employee`s performance by giving motivation, so the good`s quality will also increase and it can satisfied the costumers. And the organization should increase the employee innovation in various products line. Case B

In overall Case B is same with Case A, but in the Case B there are a good synergy in various products line. It means the information spread well in the company, so the employee can maintain and increase the innovation. Case C

The organization should motivate the employee and also press the production cost, so the organization can decrease the good`s price. Case D
The organization should press the production cost to decrease the good`s price. There`s a significance synergy in various products line. It means the information distribute well to the employee, so the employee`s innovation can be increase.
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