Case 4 Log 501

Topics: Mathematics, Figure, Das Model Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: October 29, 2012

Trident University
Justin Berry
Module 4 Case Assignment
Course Number: LOG501
Course Name: Managing the Supply Chain

Report to Danny Wilco
Mr. Wilco,
My current project was to analyze our current delivery model and to give a solution to our loading dock area. Many deliveries recently have been clogging the loading dock and through my analysis, this can be avoided by using time schedules. These schedules are based upon unloading times that were calculated using a queuing system model. Assumptions

In order to use a queuing model there must be some assumptions made in order to perform calculations. One assumption that was made is that there will be only one truck unloading at a time. This assumption is very valid due to the fact that we currently only have one unloading team. Another assumption is the data that was given for the arrival and service rate. I believe that these both were accurate figures for use in this model. Findings

The first task that I looked at was the probability of having more than five trucks in the system. This amounted to 33.49%. For more than six trucks, this figured decreased to 27.91%. For more than 7 trucks this decreased to 23.26.

These figures were derived using the solver solution in the queuing model. In this model I simply first had to find the lambda and beta and enter it into the model. This data was given in the background information of the problem. I then changed the figure that determines probability of having more than the amount desired to five. This then gave me the probability of having more than the desired amount of trucks in the system. This process was repeated for the six and seven truck models.

Another calculation determined was the highest number of trucks in the system with a 95% probability. The highest number amounted to 15 trucks. This figure was determined by simply changing the cell that corresponded to probability of less in the system. Through trial and error, I was able to get...
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