Case 4: Authenticity Is It Real or Marketing?

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Case 4: Authenticity: Is it real or is it marketing?
D. Cause Marketing

Looking it up…

Give a defenition of cause marketing and link it to the example in the text.

Cause marketing or cause-related marketing refers to a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a "for profit" business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

The altercation that Pete had with Marty, was about cause marketing. Pete his proposal was about supporting motorcycle safety (wearing helmets) and Marty thought it was’nt a good idea. Her opinion is that a Hunsk rider doesn’t want to have to wear a helmet. The brand is about freedom not about restriction. Which these laws are in fact.

It's advocacy for helmet laws. Substitute the word underlined by a synonymous expression.

It's active support for helmet laws.

Mary put quarters in the machine and selected the trail mix. Where is Marty? What does he want?

Marty is at the office speaking to Pete Richard who stopped him in the hallway while he was putting his quarters in the vending machine.

Pete wanted to mention that he is confused by the notes of Marty regarding the budget proposal of Pete.

Creative work

Motorcycle safety is not good cause marketing according to Marty. Imagine you are part of his marketing team and you are given the assignment to come up with a new cause marketing idea. You get exactly 3 minutes to pitch your idea to Marty.

I would be intersting if Hunsk Engines supported hospitals specialized in treatment for children affected by cancer. For each motorcycle sold a certain financial help would be donated to a children cancer foundation. Supporting this would improve the brand reputation/recognition, improve the public relations and give a great public awareness. It speaks for itselfs that cause marketing is a really smart business move.

Case 1: What Serves the Customer Best?

C. Glenmeadie’s Company organization

Creative work

Imagine a new employee is...
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