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Case Study Analysis: Pendle Textile
            The rapid changes in the global market, the growing economic issues and problems and other issues, affect various business enterprise in the global market and textile business enterprise are never an exemption. to be able to cope with these kind of problems within the industry, various business enterprise try to find the most effective approaches to save the business enterprise and one of these is through the consideration of considering changes and continuous improvement.   Many companies nowadays are trying to enhance their products as well as services to attract clients and this aim is part of the business and marketing strategy. In their objectives to adjust with the changes happening in the global market, business enterprise tends to come up with a variety of strategic approaches and business plans for being competent.    In developing strategic and competitive approach and positioning of many business enterprises, different marketing and business strategies as well as projects are being developed and initiated. With the use of these strategies and approaches the business enterprise can create a pleasant relationship within and outside their business and support the employment of their employees and also enable the company to consider total quality management approach.             Primarily, the main goal of this paper is to conduct an analysis for the Pendle Textile business enterprise and provide strategic options that the business enterprise can use to stay competitive in the business. In order to analyze the company, Marketing tools will be used such as SWOT analysis, Five Forces Model and strategic options and planning will also be provides, specifically for considering change management. Overview of the Case

            The case was about Pendle Textile which has been established in 1944. Based on the given case the company’s main products include industrial clothing, specifically work wear overalls, jackets, trousers, boiler suits and skirts. Their products are usually wore by employees in retail manufacturing such as supermarket employees and the transport companies. The company sales comes from two business segments; these include the garments which are being sold to linen hire industries and the design work segments             The company is facing various problems and issues and one of these is with regards to their human resource management, specifically the lack of training and managerial development to enhance the performance of the company.  In addition, the company is also facing problems in terms of their quantity and quality which do not meet at an optimum level. In addition, the company is also facing issues in terms of their competitors. The company has lack the courage to take the risks for change management due to resistance of employees.  In addition the company is also having problems on whether to take continuous improvement or not.             Task 1 SWOT ANALYSIS

            It is a common fact that competition in the business world is very tough. Hence, the management of different organization are trying to find the best way in order to be successful and achieve their organizational goal. For example, business, nowadays, have to cut cost to the bone by downsizing, outsourcing, offshore IT development and management.  The growth and success of an industry now depends on its ability to innovate to execute new business strategy effectively. Many organizations see that changing the business strategy must become a part of the core competency of every part of the organization and its network of business partners (Thompson & Strickland, 2003). It is noted that management adheres to different changes because of some factors. Like any other organizations or industries, Procter & Gamble has also been able to initiate change in their business strategy. In order to address the company’s problems due to the changes in the...
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