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Case Study

1. Features of are most helpful is the CRM and Collaboration section along with the IT and development section. They are the leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and cloud computing giving links to brother and sister companies of theres. There free trials and video demos they have demonstarating strategies. 2. If I was selling copy machines in a city with a population of 100000 people and wanted to do it through the I would go through the CRM and collaboration section where they have the "sales cloud 2." It's the world's #1 sales application, through that I would mass market and promote these copy machines throughout my city. 3. Some barriers to the adoption of this type of technology is that technology removes the human element out of it. There is no more list or surveys that are manuel any more everything is built round it now it keeps items organized more than doing it the "human" way.


5.Locating companies to work for is a form of prospecting. Assuming you are interested in changing careers, develop
a list of 10 companies for which you would like to
work. Assign each company a priority according to your
interest, from the most desirable (1) to the least (10
Organize your list into six columns showing the company
name, telephone number, address, person in charge of
hiring, prospect information, and priority. What sources
did you use to get this information?
3.Some salespeople who could benefit from the use of or a competing product continue to
use a Rolodex or note cards to keep a record of the
customers they call on. What are some barriers to the
adoption of this type of technology?

3.Examine the contact screen presented
in Appendix 2.

a.What is Bradley Able's position within the

a.What is the expected "close date" date for Bradley
Able's sales opportunity?

a.What is the forecasted dollar amount of...
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