Topics: Mobile phone, Motorola, Android Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: December 8, 2012
1984, the first mobile phone was released. It was called DynaTAC, and it was a brick phone. This invention ushered in a new era of technology that would shape the world into what we are today. This mobile phone was invented by Motorola and is now just a relic among the plethora of present and future mobile devices made by them today. They didn’t always make cell phones. Motorola was born in 1928 in Chicago Illinois. Their first product was a battery eliminator, and in 1930 made the first successful car radio. Motorola is now owned by Google and holds a current and seemingly stable stock price of $53.26 (Google, 2012). They are constantly finding new and innovative technology in which they infuse in all of their mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. A taste of Motorola’s present masterpiece include the Motorola Droid RAZR; a juggernaut among smart phones in the market today (Raphael, 2012). Motorola is split into two sections; mobility, and solutions. This paper will discuss the current policies of Motorola including: employee programs and practices, group and interpersonal dynamics, and organizational processes and structure, and some recommendations to improve the corporate structure and organizational behavior. Group and interpersonal dynamics

Group work is used by many organizations to gather individuals or employees with a common goal or task and assign them to work together and interact together to complete the objective or task. In order for Motorola to have successful group work, the group must have group cohesion. Group cohesion is the interpersonal glue that helps group members stick together. Motorola’s current policies in group work seem to be working well for them. They use product development groups that are stationed around the world to reduce time-to-market of new products such as the RAZR. They move the work around the world to different work groups every eight hours. Christopher Galvin, former CEO and...
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