Case 101

Topics: Overtime, Full-time, Part-time Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Carlo Recio has been in the maintenance crew for 8 years now. Carlo’s uncle was a national sales manager for the infant formula plant and arranged a part-time job for Carlo, who then finished vocational school and went on a full-time job from janitorial to maintenance. Carlo learns quickly and he has acquired a variety of skills in addition to his specialized training. He has also maintained a good relationship with the other employees.

The maintenance supervisor suffered a heat stroke and decided to take an early retirement at 55 years. The plant manager told Carlo that he is highly recommended by the maintenance supervisor. Carlo knows very well that the supervisor would always be called over in the wee hours of the morning or midnight to supervise emergency repairs. Some of his co-workers advised him to accept the offer but he does not know the consensus of the majority. He is also concerned with Al who relieved the supervisor several times when the latter was sick.

Later on, Carlo decided to accept the position. The plant manager warned that he should exercise his authority on the job. Carlo made a pattern of his performance based on the former supervisor. He empowered the crew to do the job on their own and is only after the end results. He is also fair in pointing out problems. On the other hand, the crew likes his supervision and has respected him as a supervisor.

There are no significant events in the plant except that Carlo has noticed some horsing around the job. When he pointed out his attitude, the crew displayed certain coolness. Later on after a few weeks, he sensed resentment whenever he tried to help a crew member about a particular assignment. He now feels a certain ill feeling about being a manager.

However, he continued. It is now time to make important strategies that would be helpful for the plant. The strategies to be implemented need the cooperation of the crew. He is quite hesitant on the implementation of the...
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