Case 1.1: Drexler’s World Famous Bar-B-Que

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Week 1
Case 1.1: Drexler’s World Famous Bar-B-Que

Drexler’s BBQ is a family restaurant that is located on the Third Ward Houston, TX. This restaurant is being open for many years, and it’s becoming a family tradition. Generation after generation the business remain at service, even after being rename, or close for expansion and rebuild a new modern restaurant people on the neighborhood still talking about it. The restaurant is specialized with the secrets of the old family recipes but only on the food preparation but the most important on the secrets of the family values. The way the family visualize the business is not how many they sell is based on how the sell, emphasized quality including affection and appreciation for the customer and friends. In some way it appears that are not very flexible with the operations hours, but is just because they want to make sure to give to the community the thing that the community gives to them. They are very graceful to still have a business standing and they care about the community that makes it possible. When it ‘s to business decision we have to remember that costumer give us our reputation and the chance to remain in business, so at certain point we depend of them. This is very crucial in this family involved on a family business with moral and values. What role do values play in how Drexler’s Bar-B-Que interacts with its neighbors and customers? Values play a tremendous role with its neighbors and customers. Consumers tend to look at the total value and in the case of Drexler’s the customers receive excellent care. Mrs. Scott constantly is checking with customers to make sure they are receiving superb service. Customers want organizations to be responsive to their needs, give the best price and product and be prompt with services. Drexler’s also gives back to the community, which is a very important piece to being an effective organization. You must give back to your environment. The restaurant believes in...
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