Casablanca Report

Topics: Michael Curtiz, Humphrey Bogart, Love Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Film Report: Casablanca (1942)
Ques.1- Rick and Lazlo can be said to represent two different types of heroism. How would you categorize each one as a hero? What qualities, of any, do they share? How do they most differ from each other? Ans: Rick was a hero of friendship. He had been in a long mourn situation because of Ilsa. He loved Ilsa a lot but she did not accompany her from Paris to Casablanca, which became the reason of mourn for Rick. After some time in the movie, Rick came to know the truth about Ilsa not coming with him from Paris to Casablanca. Victor needed letter of transit so that he can reach America and continue his revolutionary movement and Rick agreed to give letter of transit to Ilsa on a condition that she will stay with him and only Victor will fly and she agreed because she loved him more than Victor. But in the end Rick asked Ilsa to go along with Victor because he thought that it was right for him and Victor, so that after some time she does not regret her being staying with Rick and not flying with Lazlo who was her husband. In this way, Rick thought of Ilsa and did what a true friend would have done. Lazlo on the other hand was a patriotic hero. He was a Czech Resistance leader who escaped from a Nazi concentration camp and came to Casablanca to get the letter of transit so that he can go back to America and work for his movement. Rick fought for his country before coming to Casablanca and Lazlo does the same. Both have the feeling of patriotism in them. (National Anthem in the club where Rick nodded the band and Lazlo lead it.) Lazlo have been shown patriotic throughout the movie while Rick broke when Ilsa was not with him. And also, Rick loved Ilsa more than his country while Lazlo loved his country more. Ques.2- Casablanca has become something of a cult film, in part because of the personality of Humphrey Bogart. What is it about Bogart as a performer that makes him interesting? Ans: Humphrey Bogart was perfect for his role....
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