Casablanca Critique

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  • Published : April 16, 2006
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Casablanca Critique

The story about Rick Blaine and his American bar in Casablanca, and how he falls into such a strong relationship with Ilsa is wonderful. They met in Paris and had the most wonderful time but they had to escape. The morning they had to leave the girl, Ilsa, is not there. She had sent him a letter saying that she was sorry she couldn't be with him, and Rick was feeling like his inside had been ripped out. Feeling very betrayed by Ilsa, Rick being a very hard headed character himself, begins to hold a grudge against Ilsa. Well, as the movie plays out you can see she comes back to his casino, and he doesn't behave in her favor. He's actually quite mean to her, but only because he feels so betrayed by her. They have a long conversation about Paris and he finds out that she was married. Now back in Casablanca Ilsa is married to a man named Victor Laszlo. He is a great man in the French Resistance and they need letters of transit to get out of Casablanca, where a German major tries to keep Laszlo in Casablanca. He tries to do this with Capt. Louis Renault, a French officer who usually does anything as long as it is better for him. He becomes quite important for the story. The letters of transit are hidden by Rick, after a guy named Ugarte gave them to him. He doesn't want to give them to Laszlo because his past with Ilsa.

One of the best things I like about this movie is how no one knows how it will end. She told Rick she wants to be with him, but he knows it can't happen. Ilsa tells Rick that he has to think for the both of them, that she can't take it anymore. Maybe meaning, in a sense, that maybe she wanted Rick to do Something about Lazlo so they could be together. She told Rick she wants to be with him, but he knows it can't happen. Rick talked to Lazlo, and Lazlo said he was going to let Rick take the letters of transit and let the both of them go, because he loved Ilsa that much, and the German Major was set on keeping Lazlo in...
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