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  • Published : July 12, 2009
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*Candidate Name: - Preeti* Gaggar
Candidate No:-2228-018
*Session:-*November 2009
The Creativity Action and Service (CAS) program of my International Baccalaureate Program enabled me to grow and learn in innumerable ways. The various experiences I had have convinced me in participating in activities that I have never tried before in life. I always wanted to take advantage of every activity and make my CAS hours worthy. The yearning to learn new things and experience on how my community operates always pushed me to enthusiastically participate in all the activities presented to us. I consider that after all the activities I have participated in and given my involvement, I have undoubtedly augmented and enriched my life. CAS has surely satisfied my hunger for personal growth and enrichment. My first ever CAS Activity was on the 1st of August, 2008 to teach the Grade 8 students of Podar Hindi Medium School which was a stone’s throw from my own school. Through this activity I learnt motivation and teaching skills. I could realise how exciting as well as challenging it was to be a teacher. Communicating and teaching much younger students was simpler and fun. It helped me recognize the importance of patience, practice and perseverance. My fellow peers and me were always excited in teaching students who would look up to us yielding us a feeling of importance and dependence. It was a worthwhile experience and lasted for about 6 months, a day per week. The Model United Nations took place during August. It was a great affair and it gave me knowledge on how global affairs are discussed and conclusions are dealt through on an international level.Then we started visiting The Vimala Dermatological Centre where we used to visit leprosy affected men, women and children. It was a very touching experience there. We were stunned to see how the people there amidst so much of pain and internal...
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