Carter Case # 3

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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Case Study # 3: Carter Cleaning, pp. 222-2232
The format and form in which a job description should appear varies in semblance. There is no set format in which a job description should appear, however with technology ever increasing and the many changes in the way an organization completes a job analysis, long gone are the days of compiling a list of duties for positions that are forever changing. It is within the job specifications where an organization can show what human traits and characteristics are required to do the job effectively. Should an organization choose to go outside the firm for recruiting, it would be clear to what qualities the organization would be looking for in a candidate in order for the outside firm to utilize the right testing to acquire the desired candidate. Job summary should describe the general nature of the job and include only its major functions or activities. It should relate the effectiveness of each duty in succession, roles and responsibilities, as well as procedures to broaden the scope of company development.

Case Study # 3: Carter Cleaning, pp. 222-2233
Case Study # 3: Carter Cleaning, pp. 222-223: Honesty Testing at Carter Cleaning Company
The disadvantage of Jennifer running an honesty test on every employee could prove to be a detriment to the company. This company could easily be labeled as a hard place to work for. The thought that all are guilty until proven innocent is not good press for new hires. Another disadvantage for this type of testing is the possibility of an applicant/employee failing the honesty test, and leaving the company feeling his/her treatment was less than proper. Also some “honesty” questions sometimes pose questions that invade a person’s privacy (p216). If Jennifer’s company routinely administered honesty test to all its employees, it’s a guarantee the company will hire the candidate eligible for the position. The advantage of this type of testing is...
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