Cars vs. Bicycle

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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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There are many people who prefer the privileges and speed of a car over an environmentally friendly bicycle. In most cases a vehicle is most prominent because it seats more passengers, it’s a time saver, and most important it has the capability of keeping families comfortable. Although bicycles are less expensive and easier to maintain, I prefer the quickness and convenience of a car.

Firstly, unlike a bike, vehicles hold more than one passenger, which is mandatory for most families. Because my family is larger than the average, I feel the need to own not one but two vehicles. With having eight people living in my household, owning vehicles makes life much easier. When we need to go out we can all go out together. Also with the advantage of not just taking my whole family at once, we all get to our destination at the same time.

Secondly, cars have the benefits of stability. You can get to your destination faster, whether it’s getting to work and/or the kids to school on time, or to doctor’s appointments, and soccer practice. With myself and our oldest daughter going back to school, having two teenagers going to high school, an eight year old and a six year old in elementary, and my spouse who stays home with my four year old, life gets hectic. Therefore owning a vehicle and having the ability to get everyone to their destination safely and on time, makes life much easier.

Lastly, the accommodation of having a vehicle is benefit in the structures of contentment and relaxation amid families. There is having the freedom to do whatever we please, such as listening to loud music, or having the A/C on in the summer and the heat on in the winter. Furthermore, having the ability to choose the color of your car, or whether or not you want a big loud stereo, chrome rims, and a fancy interior. Whereas riding a bike you have none of these luxuries. Normally functionality is all you need, but when you have the expenses why not enjoy a more elaborate vehicle....
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