Cars and Efficiency

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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I. Introduction
A. The affects of air pollution is a worldwide issue and it will not be fixed by only a few people “going green”. By educating one’s self on the facts and cutting dangerous emissions the environment as well as the human race may be better off.

II. Air pollution is an unavoidable and invisible danger to not only humans, but the ecosystem as well. A. Health and Environmental effects
1. “One of the most prevalent and commonly known effects of air pollution is damage to our respiratory system including asthma, bronchitis and emphysema” (Macnair, 2011). 2. “Air pollution also causes damage to the environment. Air pollution has also been linked to low level ozone which causes a significant drop in our yield of crops” (Chandler, 2011).

B. How this effects out lives and possible solutions.
1. We cannot avoid the dangers of pollution it is all around us. We ban things like smoking in bars and public places because of health risks, but what about regulating ourselves and businesses for the footprints they make. 2. Not only are our crops affected but this we are. Our crops and other plants provide us with not only food but oxygen. If we suffocate them we will slowly suffocate ourselves.

C. Solutions to these problems: Public Transport, Alternative fuel, bikes, Car pool.
III. Over the years, scientists have been struggling to find an effective and affordable alternative to fossil fuels, not only for the environment, but because the natural resources are being used in excess and supply is starting running short. A. Alternative options pro’s and con’s.

1. Biodiesel can be mixed with any level of standard diesel fuel but the most common is B20 or 20% biodiesel and 80% standard diesel fuel (Hess, 2003). 2. Unlike most other alternative energy sources almost all newer diesel engines can run on biodiesel with little or no engine modifications (Hess, 2003). 3. Nearly all gasoline from the gas stations has some ethanol mixed in (90%...
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